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Apply for Petnica International Science School

Petnica International Science School 2008 is a summer program devoted to out-of-school science education. The focus of the program is on critical and creative thinking in sciences and scientific research.

The goal is to gather gifted, inquisitive, open-minded students motivated for scientific research, and to give them a short but intensive course on systematical problem solving.

Petcnica International Science School will be held at Petnica Science Center, Serbia on 20 July - 2 August 2008. All students aged 17-20 (regardless of the type of school they attend or their nationality) are eligible to apply for PI 2008. The main criteria for admission are motivation for out-of-school learning and a demonstrated interest in science and independent thinking. School results are important, but they are not a discriminative factor – an open and inquisitive mind and being ready to engage in intensive work are much more important!

Interested students should complete the student application form, write a personal statement, and provide two letters of recommendation. The personal statement should list your interests and explain why you would like to attend PI 2008, as well as anything else you think is important for us to know. All registration materials should be submitted by e-mail
to pi@psc.ac.yu no later than 15 May 2008.

The program fee – including tuition, learning materials, accommodation, meals, admittance to the recreation center and field trips, is €500. There are no application fees.

For more information, please visit http://pi.petnica.net.


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