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Sixth Mathematical Knowledge Management Conference

The 6th International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management - MKM 2007- will be held at RISC (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation) in Linz, Austria, from 27-30 June 2007. An associated workshop, Mathematical User Interfaces - MathUI07- organized by Paul Libbrecht, will be run at the same venue.

Mathematical Knowledge Management is an innovative field which lies at the intersection of the disciplines of mathematics and computer science. Its development is driven both by the new technological possibilities which the Internet, ICT and intelligent knowledge processing offer, and by the need for new techniques to cope with the rapidly increasing amount of mathematical knowledge.

About the Conference

The conference will deal with important areas of interest such as repositories of formalised mathematics, mathematical search and retrieval, deduction systems, digital libraries and computer algebra systems.
The Conference will be part of the RISC Summer conference series. A joint registration form for the conferences in this series will be established.

  • More about MKM 2007 can be found here.

About the workshop

The workshop on Mathematical User Interfaces is intended to bring together researchers working on mathematical knowledge management but from the perspective of mathematics manipulated by end users. It will provide users with interfaces and software systems that will enhance their mathematical working experience.
Themes including human communication of mathematical content, presentation and manipulations mathematical knowledge, workflows induced by mathematical knowledge representations and interactive mathematics will be considered.
At the end of the workshop, a software demonstration session will be organised, followed by an exhibit-like forum.

Submissions of papers and demonstrations of user interfaces for mathematics are welcome.
You can choose to submit:
- a paper by email until 10 May 2007
- or an abstract on 1 May and a paper presentation on 15 May 2007.

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