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International Teachers’ Conference: Inspiring Climate Education

Are you interested in developing new methods of teaching climate change? Danish Science Communication sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Education welcomes you to ICE09 – Inspiring Climate Education conference organized on 12-14 October 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Children and youth are the coming generations that will live with climate change. It is of utmost importance that they understand the impact that climate change will have on their everyday life, and that they learn how to take action both inside and outside the classroom in order to change or find solutions to the development.

Incorporating the many scientific, political, economical and behavioural dimensions of climate change into the curriculum and teaching practice of secondary education plays a major role in this aspect. We need to understand and expose the hidden potential in cooperation between educational institutions and private companies and we need to realize that teaching climate change is not strictly confined to science class, but can be equally justified in a humanities class.

The conference will focus on providing input to the participants’ teaching practice when teaching current climate change. The programme will involve both presentations from keynote speakers on a number of selected issues as well as workshops.

The conference is sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Education, and organised by the Danish Science Communication.

Further information and registrations (Deadline: 15 August 2009):

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