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Dynamic Geometry - an online event by Xplora and Deutsches Museum

Xplora, the European gateway to science education and Deutsches Museum have organised a Dynamic Geometry event, on 14 March 2006 at the Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany.

The event has started with a general presentation by Prof. Dr. Peter Baptist, from the University of Bayreuth, Germany about the impact of dynamic mathematics on the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Carsten Miller, from the University of Bayreuth, Germany and Karl Sarnow, from European Schoolnet -EUN will respectively have focused on two famous Open Source programs, GEONExT and GeoGebra, running on every JAVA enabled computer.
Catherine Franche, Executive Director of Ecsite – The European Network of Science Centres and Museums together with Elisabeth Schepers from Deutsches Museum have moderated the presentation.

Pupils aged 13, from the Elsa-Brändström-Gymnasiumm, Munich, with their teachers have followed the event and ask questions. They have also actively taken part in some online mathematics activities with the experts.

Eratosthenes Film
The Eratosthenes method is a way of measuring the earth radius. The video has showed some approaches to repeat this method nowadays. In the video the Tellurium, given by Prof. Newig, University of Kiel, has been presented. The Eratosthenes film (224 MB) was shown during the event and is now available from the portal for other visitors.

The event was webcasted via streaming video, with the support of Apple-Germany, and many teachers all around Europe were able to follow it online. The presentation was in German language in the video and simultaneously translated into English in the chat. After the event, we have received some positive feedbacks. Luciana, an italian teacher, has written that she has really enjoyed this online lesson!
You can download the video (451 MB) of the event!

The Xplora portal and Deutsches Museum are partners in the PENCIL project (Permanent EuropeaN resource Centre for Informal Learning), a large scale European project to develop and test innovative methods for science teaching via many pilot projects. The Pencil project, which intends to promote science education among young people, is supported under the Science and Society Action Line of the sixth European Community programme for research, technological development and demonstration activities.

About Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum is one of the most important museums of science and technology worldwide. Since 1903 it presents technical and scientific achievements in an exciting and accessible way.

About Xplora
Xplora is the European gateway to science education. It is aimed at teachers, pupils, scientists, science communicators and science educators. It is run by European Schoolnet - EUN, a network of 28 Ministries of Education across Europe

ECSITE - the European Collaborative for Science, Industry and Technology Exhibitions, is a not-for-profit organisation representing science and technology centres and museums throughout Europe.

More Details about the event:
Karl Sarnow:

Laura Massoli

Elisabeth Schepers

Photo: Karl Sarnow

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