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CERN Programme for Physics High School Teachers

The programme consists of a 3-week residential activity, taking place every year since 1998 at CERN during the month of July. The programme is open to Physics High School Teachers from all CERN member and observer States, as well as from other countries subject to funding availability.

Goals of the High School teachers' programme:
• Promote the teaching of physics, and in particular of particle physics, in High Schools
• Promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among teachers of different nationality
• Expose teachers to the world of research
• Stimulate activities related to the popularization of Physics within and beyond the classroom
• Help CERN establish closer links with European Schools
• Encourage the cooperation between CERN and existing programs sponsored by the European Union in the area of  scientific education

Who can attend?
All high school teachers from the CERN member states can apply to participate in the programme. Some funds may be available to support teachers from non-member states as well. We require the applicants to possess the following profile:
• Should have a good working knowledge of the English language.
• Should have some basic computing skill (use of mail and of the Web)
• Should be committed to attend in full the 3 weeks of the programme (no late arrivals, no early departures)

No a-priori knowledge of or experience with high-energy physics is required, but a good working knowledge of English is essential in order to get maximum benefit from the programme.

The 2006 Programme
The programme will take place at CERN, Switzerland, from 2 to 22 July 2006. The deadline for applications is 31 March 2006.
More details about the program: http://teachers.web.cern.ch/teachers/HST2006atCERN.html

Financial support
Financial support will be provided to participants who should need it.  The support will cover up to 1,900 CHF for living expenses, and up to 500 CHF for travel costs.

HST2006 Application Instructions at: http://teachers.web.cern.ch/teachers/HST2006Application.html

For further information and help, please contact:
Mick Storr,
HST Programme Coordinator
tel: +41-22-767 8264

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