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Young Reporters for the Environment: teachers and pupils in a field project

Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) is a programme designed to promote environmental education within secondary schools. At the moment, 400 schools from 17 countries participate in the project.

The network functions as a press agency specialised in producing and delivering articles and photos about the environment. The Young Reporters work with a scientific approach. They are equipped with a powerful online press agency, where they display their projects, link each other, co-operate, produce articles and photos, inform the public and more.

Every week, best articles are published online, delivering environmental information to the whole network. Every year national coordinators select a set of articles and photos that constitute the YRE annual book. This set of articles and photos is also presented to an international jury that meets to award the most interesting articles and photos.

YRE Awards 2006
To participate to the YRE Awards 2006, get your articles and photos ready by  April, 15 2006 and get in touch with your national coordinator at www.youngreporters.org. Those who
are selected for the book are automatically eligible to the YRE
AWARDS 2006.

Know more: understanding the local and the global environment
There are two possible entries to join the network:

1. local investigation: assisted by a training team, students carry out a journalistic inquiry of a local problem related to environmental issues and sustainable development. There are 8 main topics: sustainable mobility, agriculture, cities, coastline, energy, waste, water and climate change. Then, they inform the regional public with any media used in a journalistic way, such as local press, radio, TV, conference and exhibition.

2. International investigation: students co-operate with others young reporters working on projects similar to their own. This work is done by distance, via internet, thanks to tools specially designed for the network.

Visit: www.youngreporters.org


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