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FOOD 4U Campaign and video spot competition

In the second edition of the FOOD 4U Campaign for becoming aware of the importance of a healthy and correct diet, promoted by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry Policies and addressed to students and teachers of secondary schools from15 European Countries, a competition, for making a video spot, has been announced for the school year 2005 – 2006. The purpose of the spot is to draw the attention of young people to the importance of being aware of food choice and diet.

The 2006 edition is restricted to students and teachers of secondary schools (ages from 14 to 19) from the following 15 European countries: Belgium – Denmark – Finland – France – Germany – United Kingdom – Greece – Italy – Luxemburg – Norway – Holland – Portugal – Spain – Sweden and Hungary.
 To take part to the competition, school should register at: http://www.food-4u.it/

About the spot
The “video spot” for television, should be based on one of the following topics:
-making people aware of an informed choice of food and of the risks, as well as the negative consequences which an unbalanced diet could cause  young people;
-the exchange of information amongst contemporaries on diet habits of young people;
-the importance of a healthy and balanced diet;
-becoming aware of the value of fruit and vegetable products or other products detected as a basis of a healthy and balanced food diet.

Target of the message are the youngsters themselves.
The “video spot” has to underline the role and the “point of view” of young Europeans with regard to one of the above listed topics.The spots can be made in the language of the participating group, or in English. It is also permitted to use English sub-titles to the original language. All the competing spots should be accompanied by a video that depicts the “back stage” of the production, otherwise they will not be admitted to the selective stages of the competition.

Video Formats
The Video Formats allowed are the following: MiniDV - DVCam - Beta SP. It is required, for all video formats, to send an extra copy of the work in a DVD or alternative tape (VHS) format. An internet version of the video spot can be provided in addition but not as an alternative to the video, in one of the following formats: Macromedia Flash, Real Video, Windows Media Player. 
Length of the videos
Spot : from a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 45 seconds (excluding any queue titles)
-Back stage: maximum of 5 minutes.

The required material should arrive by June 16 2006, via registered post, special delivery or even by hand to the company responsible for the organisation of the competition:

The winners
An international Commission, composed by journalists, communication experts, food specialists, advertisers, representatives fro schools, research centres and organisations will choose two “video spots” from each of the 15 Countries involved in the initiative. The chosen groups will (maximum of 10 students and 2 teachers per group), will be invited to take part in an award visit in Italy, between September and October 2006.

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