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Science in Public Areas

After the great success of the International Year of Physics in 2005, the European Physical Society developed, in collaboration with Hisa Eksperimentov, the project “Science in Public Areas” whose purpose is to promote science awareness within the wide public, via humoristic illustrations boards, which represent physics questions/answers, displayed in public areas.

Project aims
Several studies confirm that young people are loosing interest in science studies for the following reasons:
-science looks too hard,
-poor images of scientists (male, white, middle-aged, crazy, poor quality of life),
-unawareness of scientific careers.

In this scenario, the objectives of “Science in Public areas” are:
- to help rebuilding public impression of physics and physicists,
- to promote learning,
- to reach the general public.

The idea is to set physics questions/answers boards in public areas, such as theme parks, public transports, schools, science centres. The large question in uppercase will draw the attention, while the humorous illustrations will relax readers and make them much more open to new knowledge. The answers are short, attractive, informative and scientifically correct. They can give an answer to questions that children may ask to their parents.

EPS has collaborated with the Hisa Eksperimentov, Slovenia. EPS wants to improve with your help, the public opinion on physics, showing that it is part of our daily life. If you would like to collaborate or to be a partner, contact:
Ophélia Fornari - o.fornari@eps.org - Project Leader for EPS activities

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