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Launch of the STELLA Web Portal

The STELLA web portal (http://www.stella-science.eu) wants to address all people involved in science education who want to communicate experiences, cooperate, exchange ideas and thoughts on teaching methods and approaches.

The STELLA project has been funded with support from the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme with the aim to contribute to the improvement of science teaching in European schools, in particular in order to stimulate young people to undertake science studies and carriers, with a special focus also on girls.

Are you a teacher or a school head? Are you carrying out or managing a science education project? Submit your initiative to the European catalogue of science education initiatives!

The European catalogue of science education initiatives contains initiatives realised in schools all over Europe, directly included online by teachers or educators. Through the catalogue you can present your initiatives to colleagues of all over Europe and at the same time have a look at what is done in other schools and countries.

To submit an initiative or project to the STELLA catalogue is very easy: fill in the online questionnaire on http://www.stella-science.eu/submit_initiative.php

Communities: virtual and open spaces for exchanging practices and ideas among schools, teachers and science education practitioners all over Europe. Users may send articles and information on school projects or other science education initiatives and relevant web sites, as well as participate in the online activities organised on specific subjects.

Multimedia tools: directly downloadable from the web site, these tools will help teachers to facilitate the exchange of experiences and the transfer of results, and to describe in an interactive way their projects and activities, by encouraging also pupils and students to take part in the documentation process.

Pool of good practices: a specific section of the portal highlighting the most interesting science education initiatives, included in the European catalogue and described using the set of multimedia tools.

The STELLA project partnership includes private and public institutions from 5 countries: Amitié, a private training and research centre from Italy which is the project coordinator; Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, from France; Private Vocational School for Multimedia, Computer Graphic Design and Animation, from Bulgaria; Institute for Innovation in Learning / ILI from Germany; and Education Department of Madeira, from Portugal.

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