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HELIOS - European eLearning Observation System

The HELIOS project aims at establishing a sustainable observation platform to monitor the progress of eLearning in Europe vis-à-vis policy objectives and to forecast future scenarios of eLearning evolution. It aims to create the European eLearning Observatory: an open and sustainable tool for articulating and coordinating national observatories and sectoral observation networks, in collaboration with all existing observation bodies at European, national and international level.

The approach of HELIOS is to structure and integrate the activities and results of the various observatories currently active in Europe. HELIOS will be able to filter the existing information though a set of policy priorities and so to show not only the state of development of eLearning, but also the impact of eLearning on the EU and on the following policy priorities:

• Access to learning;
• Social inclusion;
• Quality of learning;
• Cost effectiveness;
• Employability;
• Personal development/citizenship;
• ICT and the content industry;
• Organizational change;
• Internationalization of education and training;
• Innovation of education and training;

Within the project the following outputs will be realized:
- thematic reports, focusing on the relationship between eLearning and access and employability, personal development and citizenship, internationalization of education & training, organizational change and innovation in education and training;
- thematic online surveys focusing on the above themes;
- comparative analysis reports providing a yearly overview of eLearning development across European countries;
- HELIOS yearly reports outlining current and expected trends in eLearning development in Europe

The partners
HELIOS is an initiative supported by the European Commission and coordinated by the MENON Network. It is a 2 year project and it started on January 2005.
The HELIOS project partners are Scienter (Italy), FIM NewLearning (Germany), Lambrakis Research Foundation (Greece), Alphametrics (UK), CEDEFOP (Greece), and the EDEN network.

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