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Release of the final GRID website

GRID (Growing Interest in the Development of Teaching Science) is a project funded by the European Commission within the Socrates Programme. It aims to create a network for the exchange of good practice in the field of science teaching in Europe. Its final portal has been released and it allows internet users to find typical initiatives selected as good practice in science education, to serve as role models and inspiration for science teachers across Europe.

The objective of the GRID project is to compile an inventory, to analyse, to provide details of experiments and validate the methods, techniques and good practices for improvement of science teaching at school.

The portal is available in English, French, Italian and Hungarian. Intended to become a platform for virtual exchanges, it targets decision makers and schools directly involved in innovation and experimentation in the broad area of science education (including technology and mathematics).

On the portal, you can find and look through: 
- more than 500 science education initiatives identified all over Europe;
- more than 70 science education reports, recommendations and institutional action plans with a direct impact on schools, gathered from all over Europe;
- more than 300 links related to science education organisations, associations, journals, portals, museums, science events, networks, e-learning materials etc., both from Europe and worldwide.

Innovative initiatives comprise common activities and experiments which have recently been carried out in or with European primary and secondary schools. You can browse by country, subject, age range, and type.

Contact and information:
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