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Ch.I.Ps - Child Information communication Technologies Pages

The Ch.I.Ps project aims at enabling the access of children aged 5 to 12 years, their families and teachers to Information Society. Children’s Digital literacy is a fundamental need, and the tools, products and opportunities of online training are manifold, but often not well targeted, known and organized in an accessible way.

Project aims
The Ch.I.Ps project aims to promote changes in educational programmes so as to ensure digital literacy and to renovate traditional activities in education: only in this way information society can be known and understood by children as a new cultural field.  The main objective of the project is to gather relevant information in relation to successful practices, that have been implemented and tested nationally and/or locally, in teaching children to use new technology as a learning tool. Products, resources, methodologies and experiences will be considered in this analysis.

After selecting good practice, a catalogue of digital literacy initiatives will be created, accessible and usable according to the different criteria so as to provide models of e-Learning and digital literacy to be spread and exploited at a wider EU level, and allow efficient and focused “surfing” by children, their parents and trainers. The model will provide queries of products by content and training objective, sub-queries for language, and sub-queries for the metaphor used, for cognitive, psychological and learning aspects.

The methodology emphasises pedagogical aspects and immediate transferability to other contexts, in technical terms. The web portal will be a lynchpin for producers of training applications; producers might both consider good practices as examples to follow and take into consideration trainers’ needs. There will also be exchanges among the organisations promoting similar actions in their context so as to start a positive process among partners.
This project intends to be an example of good practice, and a standard transferable to other training experiences.

The results of the project will be advertised and disseminated through the use of the implemented web portal, in order to advertise the project itself, disseminate quickly the results of its various steps, exchange information and opportunities addressed to trainers, collect and disseminate good practices.

The partners
The project is coordinated by the Council of Lecce (Comune di Lecce, Italy). The other partners are:
-CNAI – Centro Navarro de Autoaprendizaje de Idiomas, Spain,
-Escola Superior de Biotecnologia – Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Portugal,
-Kindersite Project, UK,
-Madariaga Europeo Foundation, Belgium,
-Polytechnic of Milan, Italy,
-Primeshere, Luxemburg.

Ch.I.Ps is a 18 months project and started on January 2005. It is funded by the European Commission under the e-Learning Action.

For more information, visit the project website: www.chipsproject.org

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