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About the Xplora gateway

Xplora is the European gateway to science education. It is aimed at teachers, pupils, scientists, science communicators and science educators.

What can I do on this portal?

• Read science education news, pedagogical tips, ideas for teachers
Search the database of websites and digital learning resources for science education
Register to use our tools for creating online communities and join online discussions
• Get insight into innovative practical science approaches and projects
• Obtain guidance on freely available Open Source tools for science education
• Find out about the Pencil and Nucleus projects that support the Xplora portal

To learn more about Xplora you can download and read this article (pdf file - in english).

European Schoolnet – a network of 31 Ministries of Education across Europe - operates the Xplora portal. It is supported by the PENCIL project, a project funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research as part of Science and Society. The PENCIL project is part of the wider Nucleus framework, a cluster of science education projects including Europe's major research laboratories. Read more about the PENCIL project here.

Xplora Teachers Group

To stimulate the development, a core group of science teachers has been selected, who are innovative in their pedagogical approach, have a high level of competency in the use of ICT tools and can communicate effectively in international environments.

Xplora Team

Project manager and pedagogical coordinator - Alexa Joyce
Web editor - Johanna Snellman
Webmaster - Ivo Šír
Web developers - Mourad Etbaz, Bart Vanhulle, Sylvia Hartinger
System administrator - Dietmar Baur

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