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Ivan De Winne

Ivan teaches mathematics at a secondary school in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. He also works part-time as  in-service teacher trainer and is involved in several European projects.
He has a science degree from the University of Ghent.
He strongly believes in the use of  maths-software to explore mathematical concepts. It is important to realise that excellent tools must be easy to use and students should not “learn to use it” but “use it to learn”. He has a special interest for e-learning objects, the internet and e-learning environments. 
During the past years he has developed and adapted a lot of so-called applets, he has written wrote several articles and created training courses for teacher on “how to use ICT in the classroom”.

He has founded a mailing list and a math teachers community for sharing materials and experience on the use of ICT.

He is an active member of the Flemish math teachers organisation.
In 2004 he started a collaboration with MathforMore, a company from Barcelona, to realise the Dutch version of a web-based computer algebra system named Wiris.

He has been involved in a lot of European projects (Cabri-cluster, World of curves, Oasis, Math-applets,) and most recently the “Crop circle challenge”, which intends to stimulate the students’ creativity to let them choose and construct their own crop circle individually and learn about geometry. He has been also involved in the translation of the Dutch version of Geogebra, an open source program that combines geometry and algebra.

In 2006 he started to integrate interactive webtools for maths in an open source e-learning envirionment Mathelo, in order to share and publish didactical materials and to create online courses.

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