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Xplora Teachers Group

In order to make Xplora fulfill science teachers' needs, teachers are involved to give feedback on the design and development of the portal's tools and services, local acquisition and identification of resources, support of teachers in native language and for content contribution.

To stimulate the development, a core group of science teachers has been selected, who are innovative in their pedagogical approach, have a high level of competency in the use of ICT tools and can communicate effectively in international environments.

This group is organised by Karl Sarnow, a physics teacher from Germany, who is now pedagogical coordinator for the Xplora gateway

Do not hesitate to contact one of the teachers if you would like to know more about Xplora.

Luciana Avancini Lombardi - Italy - luciana@alfitalia.it
Benito Bua Ares - Spain - ciclosts@cgtrabajosocial.es
Ivan De Winne - Belgium - ivan.dewinne@telenet.be
Juergen Ganzer - Germany - juergen.ganzer@t-online.de
Linda Giannini - Italy - calip@mbox.panservice.it
Assimina Kontogeorgiou - Greece - akontogeorgiou@gmail.com
Eleni Kyriaki - Greece/Belgium - ekyriaki@gmail.com
Bernat Martinez - Spain - cabernat@teleline.es
Marzanna Miąsko - Poland - marzanna-miasko@o2.pl
Lidia Minza - Romania - lidia.minza@yahoo.com
Stavros Nikou - Greece - stavrosnikou@sch.gr
Palmira Ronchi - Italy - palmira.ronchi@istruzione.it

All teachers in the group may be contacted via the mailing list esep-teachers@eun.org.

While these teachers are the core of the Xplora teachers group, every teacher of science is invited to contribute to Xplora and/or to volunteer to be a contact person in his or her country and language. Read more

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