Running Ghemical-GMS 1.01.05 on OS X

WARNING: This install requries that the Apple X11 package be installed! (it can be found on the developer tools disc)

If you have Fink previously installed, it is recommended you follow the instructions below on how to install ghemical-gms using fink. The packages provided in this section are a one-click solution to getting Ghemical-GMS up and running.

To install, simply download the ghemical-gms-1.01.06-10.3.dmg file below. It should be mounted automatically on your desktop. As with all other mac packages, simply run the package and the standard osx guide will step you through the install.

Once you have installed the files you will have the Ghemical-GMS and GTK-Gamess apps in your Applications folder. These are scripts that allow you to put Ghemical-GMS and GTK-Gamess in your OSX Dock. Included in the scripts is a mechanism to pass files to these apps. Dropping a file on the apps will activate X11 and load a new instance of Ghemical-GMS with the specified file. In the case of GTK-Gamess, any files dropped on the app will cause these files to be added to the GAMESS queue.

OSX Packages

  1. Ghemical-GMS OSX Package for 10.4: ghemical-gms-1.01.06-10.4.dmg
  2. Ghemical-GMS OSX Package for 10.3: ghemical-gms-1.01.06-10.3.dmg

Installing Ghemical-GMS using Fink

To install Ghemical on Mac OSX you should download and install Fink.

If you have Fink installed previously, make sure you do a self-update: fink selfupdate.

Download the following files and place them in your local fink repository. (Defaults to /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo ). After installing the files you should re-index your fink packages by doing fink index. You can then execute fink install ghemical-gms to compile and install Ghemical-GMS. Fink will complain about not being able to download the file, simply select option 5 and it will download from our mirror site.

[Optional] Download the Ghemical-GMS / GTK-Gamess dock scripts. These are two applescript applications that allow ghemical-gms and gtk-games to be dock apps on your OSX dock. They also have the functionality so dropping files opens them with the respective app. They are contained in the ghemical-gms-osx-dockscripts.dmg file below.

Note: The file can be used to install gtk-gamess along with ghemical-gms by following the same proceedure as above.

Fink Files

  1. Ghemical-GMS Fink Info File:
  2. GTK-Gamess Fink Info File:
  3. Ghemical-GMS Fink Patch File: ghemical-gms-1.01.06-1.patch
  4. Ghemical-GMS Dock Scripts: ghemical-gms-osx-dockscripts.dmg