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Xplora is the European gateway to science education. It is aimed at teachers, pupils, scientists, science communicators and science educators. Science teachers will find many useful materials on this DVD in English, French and German. All materials can be copied and distributed freely.


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The authors of the documents in this part of the DVD have agreed that all users of this DVD may copy this DVD and hand out the DVD to others. Nevertheless there is a copyright on all items as mentioned on the materials themselves.

The software on this DVD is mainly published under the GPL (GNU General Public license). Read here to learn about the meaning of GPL. As the GPL requires source code available for download, Xplora will offer the download of the source code.

Some software is not published under the GPL but may be copied freely. The corresponding license is published with the software. The user should check the "Help" section of the software for details. To understand what the license model means, we have included a Wikipedia article about open source licenses on this DVD, which is published under the GNU Free Documentation License. We have a special permission to distribute the Macromedia Flash Player (see the Player Distribution License) and the Sun JAVA JDK (see the Binary Code License Agreement).

About the Xplora DVD

The Xplora portal and DVD are offered by European Schoolnet - a network of 28 Ministries of Education across Europe. It is supported by the PENCIL project, a project funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Research as part of Science and Society. The PENCIL project is part of the wider Nucleus framework, a cluster of science education projects including Europe's major research laboratories. Read more about the PENCIL project here.
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